About Me

Helping you achieve your perfect lifestyle!

Health and Nutrition Specialist based in Birmingham, UK

I have always had a passion for health and nutrition. As a
young woman, I loved marathon running and was on the
British International Team during 1998 and was involved in
International competition representing Great Britain and
England for a period of six years in  track, field and cross-
country. I have remained passionate and active in health
and fitness. After running a successful business for many
years, I decided to revert back to my true passion for
Health, Fitness and Nutrition.

My athletic experiences enabled me to become really aware of how important nutrition and lifestyle choices are for health and well being. I am also aware of the confusion that many people have about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.. There is a lot of evidence to show that diets don’t work and that sustainable life style choices is required to maintain health, and regulate weight control.

After gaining weight in recent years with my transition  through menopause and having several members of my family become overweight and diabetic, ignited my interest in finding optimal health through  nutrition and lifestyle.

Nutrition and lifestyle choices is the key and knowledge in this field has changed significantly in recent years and is changing continually. I am excited to be able help you with the transition to amazing optimal health.

I help you to achieve your perfect lifestyle!


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