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Health and Nutrition Specialist based in Birmingham, UK

About Me

I have always had a passion for health and nutrition. As a
young woman, I loved marathon running and was on the
British International Team during 1998 and was involved in
International competition representing Great Britain and
England for a period of six years in  track, field and cross-
country. I have remained passionate and active in health
and fitness. After running a successful business for many
years, I decided to revert back to my true passion for
Health, Fitness and Nutrition.

Specialized advice to assist you with your ideal nutrition programme

Can help you to create a nutrition plan for healthy lifestyle, reverse chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity, achieve your perfect weight.

“Everyone has a doctor in him, we just have to help him with his work. The natural healing face within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well… to eat when you are sick is to feed the sickness”

HIPPOCRATES – one of the three fathers of modern medicine

My Services:

Meal Plan for Everyday.

  • Initial 60 minutes consultation. Meal Plan and food suggestions.
  • 1 Follow-up Session

Weight Loss Package.

  • Initial 75 minutes consultation
  • An emailed diet plan; 5 days menu suggestions

6 Month Care Package.

  • 1.5hr Initial Consultation
  • Two of 1hr Follow-up Consultations

"Thanks to Suzan, I don't need to visit my GP so often!"